Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bobby ka Dhaba

Next to the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara, Ulsoor, Opp to Ulsoor lake, Bangalore - 560001

Food: 2.75/5
Ambience: 1/5
Service: 2.5/5
Meal for 2: Rs 150

Picture this - hot, just-off-the-tawa parathas with a dollop of butter on it, steaming hot channa masala and a tall glass of creamy buttermilk to wash it all down with.....sounds tempting, doesn't it? Then we suggest you set off to Ulsoor where, right next to the Gurudwara, you will find authentic Punjabi ghar ka khana at Bobby ka dhaba.

Bobby ka dhaba - blink and you'll miss it!

The dhaba is easy to miss because neither does this oh-so-tiny place look like a restaurant from the outside, nor does it have a board announcing its existence. And to top it all, the neighbouring restaurants, when asked for directions, will pretend like they do not know where this dhaba is.....they probably cannot digest the competiton :) !

The first time we went here, we were alarmed by the sight of the dhaba from the inside.

A tiled ceiling with quite a few broken tiles here and there, walls that badly needed a coat of paint, furniture that was nothing more than a few tables and stools and an old wheezing refrigerator in the corner. In the middle of it all was Bobby, shouting instructions and orders to his kitchen staff in Punjabi.

'Ik pyaas, do gobhi maar...'

Nothing much has changed now. Except for the ever increasing clientele and the old faithfuls who visit the dhaba for a true taste of surprisingly affordable, Punjabi food.

The menu is very simple and basic at Bobby's dhaba. Five to six kinds of parathas, a few side dishes, kheer and buttermilk are on the offering. Parathas are served with butter, pickle and a plate of sliced cucumber and onion. All side dishes are served in portions just enough for two. The sight of the steaming hot parathas with the butter slowly puddling on top is enough to make you hungry even on a full stomach! The mooli and onion parathas that we tried were soft and piquantly delicious. Channa masala and aloo jeera make for good company along with the parathas. They are not overtly spiced, like you would expect from typical Punjabi cuisine, so it suits all palates.


The egg bhurji, the only non-vegetarian dish available here, is also a good accompaniment to the meal. It is peppered with green chillies and a hint of garam masala which gives it the right amount of zest.
And now coming to Balaji's favourite part of this meal - the buttermilk.


Rich and frothy, served in a tall steel glass, it is the perfect cooler after a heavy meal like this. Our quest for the best buttermilk in town ended here!
Service is quick and efficient. Inspite of the Sunday crowd, the staff made sure we didn't have to wait for too long in between orders.
Bobby da Dhaba is open for lunch between 12-30pm and 3.30pm and for dinner from 7.30pm to 11.30pm. It gets a little too crowded on Sundays due to the devotees from the Gurudwara dropping by, so come prepared to wait a while to be seated.
But take our word for it, the wholesome food here is worth the wait. The right place for foodies to chak de phatte!!!

Did you know......
.......that Indian immigrants took the paratha to Malaysia and Singapore, resulting in variations such as
roti canai and roti prata? In Myanmar (Burma), where it is known as palata, it is eaten with curries or cooked with either egg or mutton, or as a dessert with white sugar.


  • Dr.Taranum

    Wow! looking at the pic this certainly isnt the place I'd like to go.But if I know ur palate well Nidhi...this has to taste reeeeeaaaalllll good for u to have recommended it :).
    Anyways a recquest to both of u,could u please mention if the non veg restaurants u go to are halaal or not.It would really be a lot of help.
    Keep up the good work!!!! And watch the weight!!!

  • Nidhi & Balaji

    Once you have a taste of the will forget where you are...and BTW we haven't had any adverse effects after eating there...they also pack food to take away so probably thats an option if you are feeling too queasy about sitting there!
    Sure, we will try to find out about the halaal part :) Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Krishnamurthy

    Have been to Bobbys Dhaba long ago...Doesnt look all that hygenic...but the food is mouth watering...especially for some one from North India .Comes really close to the Dhabas on the Delhi - Chandigarh Highways :)

  • Nidhi & Balaji

    Krish....or is that Krrish? [;)]
    Now we know who to ask before setting out to Delhi!!

  • Ðïv (दिव्य)

    Ya Nidhi, the place isn't all that slick...but if someone wants the taste of some authentic punjabi (dhaba style) food, then this is the place.

  • Nidhi & Balaji

    You said it Div!

  • Lalbadshah

    Bobby Dhaba rock! This is the only authentic Dhaba I've seen in Bangalore.

  • Nidhi & Balaji

    Looks like everyone agrees on that one :)

  • alok

    went thru your blog .. actly i was searching for review on bobby da dhaba .. and found your blog really helpful .. the pics u had put were really helpful .. good job man

  • Anonymous

    I visited this place in 2004 and my first reaction when i went inside was "Vyak...." But,i fell in love with this place the moment i tasted the food. It was really good.
    But after that i didn't find time to visit that place and i recently made my second visit to that place in Mar 2008 and food tastes the same,
    same bobby shouting "char parata mar" and same roof which can fall on you anytime

  • Harpreet

    I couldn't find this place. Can u please guide me how to reach Bobby ka Dhaba?

    Harpreet Prince

  • Nidhi & Balaji

    Harpreet...go towards Taj Residency at the end of MG Road, take the left turn at the signal and keep going till you see the gurudwara on ur right....The Dhaba is next to it

  • Christopher

    Last i heard the place has shifted location.....any ideas whereabouts to and directions to the new location for a taste of Punjab