Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Fourth floor, Devatha Plaza, 131, Residency Road, Bangalore.
Phone : 51325757, 57688222

Food : 3.5 /5
Service : 3 /5
Ambience : 3 /5
Meal for 2 : Rs 1800

We had always wanted to try Japanese food but kept putting it off for later. This week provided the perfect opportunity in the guise of our 'half- anniversary' (term coined by Balaji!). We had completed six months of matrimony and what better way to celebrate than pig out (we don't need a reason for that anyway but that's besides the point ;))

Harima is an authentic Japanese restaurant in Devatha Plaza on Residency Road, Bangalore. Trying not to be misled by the dingy walls in the lobby of the building or the creaky elevator, we got off on the fourth floor. Once past the sliding screen door (called Shoji in Japanese), we were transported to the tranquil 'Land of the Rising Sun'! The whole restaurant is done up to reflect the ambience of a Japanese dining room. Soft ambient lighting, lilting oriental music in the background, wooden floors, paper lanterns......far from the maddening traffic just 4 floors below!

We were greeted by the staff in Japanese and ushered to our table. Part of the restaurant is set up with the de rigeur tables and chairs. However, we found out that there was also a washitsu (Japanese style room) and we preferred to dine there instead. We were asked to remove our footwear at the genkan just before entering the washitsu. A genkan is a small entryway where guests are supposed to leave their shoes to avoid bringing dirt into the house/room.

The washitsu has very low dining tables with floor cushions (zabuton) around them for the guests to sit on. To make it easier for guests who aren't used to sitting cross-legged on the floor, Harima actually has space below the tables (something like a depression), where you can dangle your legs, sitting comfortably, fooling others into thinking you are sitting cross legged !! The huge glass windows provide a lovely view of Residency Road.

We ordered for hot sake and Maki Sushi California Roll to start with. I was a bit apprehensive about having raw fish but when the dish arrived, we weren't disappointed. The sake was mildly alcoholic. It is supposed to be consumed before having the sushi.

Maki Sushi California Roll

The sushi was made of vinegared rice, avocado and seafood wrapped inside out with seaweed. It was served with pickled ginger slices, soy sauce and wasabi, which looks like our desi green chutney but don't you be fooled into spooning it generously onto your sushi roll!!! Unfortunately, this is exactly what I did and it felt like someone had shot a bullet through my brain! The 5 seconds that it took for the extremely pungent and spicy vapours to go up my nasal passage to my head felt like eternity. My life flashing before my eyes, I was about to utter some memorable last words for posterity [:P] when the effect ended as quickly as it had begun!

Lesson learnt, I picked just a dot of the wasabi with my next sushi roll and it tasted divine!!! The sticky rice used in the roll is of just the right consistency and the crunchy avocado bits camouflage the fact that you are actually eating raw seafood (in this case, prawn).

Our next course consisted of Sakana No Teriyaki which is the fish of the day grilled and glazed with teriyaki sauce and served with shitake mushrooms and leek. This dish is best eaten with steamed rice. Since I do not prefer main courses that taste sweet, I did not enjoy this but Balaji felt the fish was out of this world!

Gyuu Rousu No Yakiniku

Next on our plate [;)] was grilled tenderloin cooked in a peppery yakiniku sauce - Gyuu Rousu No Yakiniku. The tenderloin strips were well done and succelent. In fact, it tasted like juicy barbecued meat!!

Dessert was Imo Youkan which is nothing but sweet potato cake. The sweet potato is steamed and cut into a thick slice. It tasted deliciously sweet as it went down my throat and was a perfect way to end our meal.

Senses awakened and our tastebuds tickled, we headed home with full tummies and smacking lips!


  • nehudi

    its unlikely that the prawn in your california roll was raw. ama abi (raw shrimp) sushi is not common, specially in India. boiled ebi (prawn)or tempura ebi is usually used in california rolls.